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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Know And How To Overcome Venomous Snake Bite

Please note that venomous snakes have a type of high and deadly teeth and Solenoglypha Proteroglypha. Protein content out on a snake venom fangs, bitten the snake if this man was immediately issued to get out of the body, the inhibitory rate of poison to the heart as well as first aid as soon as possible to get the right and correct. There are several things that can distinguish poisonous snake high and low poisonous. However some of these traits can still be used as a benchmark rate high cadres not toxic venom, although the exact level of danger has not demonstrated the level of venom, but a little more we have a picture of a snake bite attack if it gets accidentally.

how to cope with rattlesnake bites

For snakes and venomous considered to have low has the following characteristics:

- Rapid movement, fear the enemy, and slightly aggressive
- A lot of activity during the day / diurnal.
- Killing prey mostly with twist
- The shape of his head is oval / oval.
- Do not have venom fangs / canines
- Its bite is not deadly
- Usually after a snake bite immediately ran

For high-venomous snake that has the following characteristics:

- Body movements rather slow, calm and confident
- Most of the activity at night / nocturnal.
- Kill their prey with a bite to inject venom / get it.
- Form a perfect triangle head inclined or tapered.
- Must have the canine teeth and poison / can be very deadly.
- Cannibal
- Usually after attacking and biting still stay in place.
- And if the strike movement and the movement very quickly expelled.

But there are things that come out of the above criteria:

1. There is a high venomous, but the head oval (oval), very aggressive, outgoing and activities
day and night are:

- King Cobra Snake - Ophiophagus hannah
- Snake Cobra Naja naja sputratix

2. Viper high with oval heads and calm movements:

- Snake Weling - Bungarus Candidus
- Snake Welang - Bungarus fasciatus
- Snake picung / pudak chrysanthemums
- All kinds of sea snakes

3. Not venomous and activity day and night and has a slow motion:

- All kinds of python and boa
- Rainbow Serpent - Xenopeltis unicolor

So stay alert at all when dealing with a snake or a place of residence was allegedly
dangerous snakes, especially dry season and dry as it is now, usually snakes hiding behind the leaves, around tree roots wet, dry soil that pops up, trees and piles of stuff, and areas containing or where existing water sources. or places with standing water because the snake is always close to a place like this to search for food especially in the dry season.

These tips if under attack Snake bite:

Snake bites in humans it must be followed up quickly, to already understand and know sekalipun.jika snakes poisonous snakebite treatment effect with slow and high performed improperly, it can cause fatal effects for victims. Effects bite poison / venom into the human body than can be determined by the level / poison itself is also influenced by the human immune system were bitten. The better "defense" or antibody-owned natural and more healthy human metabolism bite the effect will be reduced, if compared with victims who have immunity in a state of tranquility or are not fit for tired or sore.
- Do not panic and try to stay calm.
- Soon avoid the snake to avoid the snake attack.
- Immediately give a bandage as hard as possible on the part of the heart of the lead to stop and slow down the pace could lead to the heart.
- Reassure the victim or myself do a lot of strenuous movement and speed up the heart rate
- Wash the wound with soap and water or cleaning wounds (Revanol)
- Give antiseptic.
- Give food or drink calorie and high protein
- Give vitamin supplements
- If necessary, cover the wound with gauze pads or keep it open to dry
- Remember and recognize snake bite, it's very important to give the medication.
- Find places nearby such as the hospital, or health centers or snake charmer / people who understand well the snake.
- What needs to be aware if there are two points of bite wounds are real, meaning high venomous.
- If the U-shaped bite wound with many significant amount of non-venomous.
- Or if you can not recognize the type of snake, consider that it was a venomous snake high and off.
- If necessary, kill the snake is to be brought to the medical section to be analyzed.

Effects of snake bites are as follows:

Will result in swelling of the area around the wound, discoloration, and if the condition of the body is not fit, will feel the fever heat - cold about 2-7 days.

When the big snake bitten as snakes pyhton, snake fields will result in an open and bleeding wound
- Place the wound on top of the position of the heart to prevent bleeding, the better the position
- Stop the Bleeding with an open bleeding handling procedures or techniques can also torniquet.
- Rest and reassure the victim
- Strive for evacuation to hospital with due regard to bleeding that is not open anymore.
- Give food or drink calorie and high protein
- Give vitamin supplements, "Remember" snake is not poisonous but will still be dangerous if the victim lost a lot of blood.
- When you remove the bite from a victim, do not force to pull the head of the snake, but should be opened mulutnya.Perhatikan also winding snake.

Effects when high venomous snake bite:
The effect will vary according to the type of toxins contained in snake venom.

Effects bites in general:

- Swelling of the wound, followed by color change
- Pain in all joints of the body
- Mouth feels dry
- Dizziness, eye berkunang - fireflies
- Fever, chills
- The effect continued to vomit, the stomach and the liver (liver) pain, sore waist, as a result of the effort
kidneys clean the blood.

Treatment if bitten by a snake with effects above and away from the immediate forest for example:

- Position the injured lower than the heart
- Tie above wound up creased every 10 minutes, and then relax one minute
- Create a new wound with a depth of about 1 cm with a knife, cutter, blade (sterilized by burning the
fire or heated) or adjust the conditions. - Make cuts in from the top, through the hole sores
due fangs. (Slices of fresh wounds not horizontal but vertical).

- Remove as much blood as possible by massaging towards the wound. victims will feel very
pain, so it needs to be done with the heart - the heart but continue. When massaging, the bond can be
loosened. Effort expenditure can be helped with banana trees are still young.

- It is not recommended to process expenditure and toxins by sucking blood through the mouth. Because it is very risky to the helper because toxins can contaminate the mouth, teeth, gums and even swallowed up the stomach and intestines.

- The process is repeated over - back to black and blood red bubbly all out and replaced with fresh red blood.

- Evacuate the victim. Take it to an expert for handling snake venom spending further or can be
was taken to a nearby hospital to get a shot of anti venom right. Try to get
appropriate monovalent antivenom can snake bite character (haemotoxin or neurotoxin)
- Inform the doctor if the victim allergy to certain drugs, identification.

Not all effects of venomous bites high as above. If you are attacked just nervous, it did not happen
pembangkakan, fever, headache, vomiting and others. Handling a snake bite type Welang / Weling, sea snakes, snake pudak chrysanthemums require special techniques for different specifications poison.

Hopefully useful, if there are flaws and mistakes corrected so please be useful to others.